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Welcome to the Student Support Page!

Once you become a student, you have two choices for obtaining support and getting answers to your questions:

  • All Khu students receive a private email address with their first lesson that is for the exclusive use of Khu students to communicate with us about their lessons and to get answers to their questions.

  • All Khu students may communicate with the Khu staff via postal service about their lessons or to get answers to their questions by writing to:

    KHU, c/o Irving Feurst
    P. O. Box 5920
    Hercules, CA 94547 U.S.A.

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KHU, Egyptian Mystery School
Mailing Address:
c/o Irving Feurst
P.O. Box 5920
Hercules, CA 94547,

Irving Feurst is also the Founder of:
S.U.N, The Spiritual Unfoldment Network

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